WPMU DEV Plugins

Here is a list of some of the WPMU DEV Plugins available!

Regular security scans, vulnerability reports, safety recommendations and security tweaks for WordPress.

Grow your business and audience with this super easy, super slick email opt-in and marketing plugin.

Everything you need to get your site running super fast.

WP Smush Pro
Incredibly efficient image optimization for blazing fast load times.

SmartCrawl Pro
Boost your PageRank and drive more traffic to your site with little effort and simple configuration.

Forminator Pro
Drag and drop WordPress form builder plugin with interactive polls and quizzes for increasing user engagement and building a following.

Google Analytics +
Google Analytics for a site or an entire network without leaving the WordPress dashboard.

CoursePress Pro
Creating, managing and selling online courses in WordPress has never been easier.

PopUp Pro
Customizable, smart, responsive, and beautiful popups for WordPress.

Membership 2 Pro
The most powerful, easy-to-use and flexible membership plugin for WordPress sites available.

Custom Sidebars Pro
Set custom widget areas to display on every sidebar of your site.

MarketPress eCommerce
Sell everything from digital downloads to physical goods – no extensions required.

The most powerful, flexible and feature-rich bookings plugin available for WordPress.

Events +
Create and manage events with incredible power and flexibility.

Jobs & Experts
The ultimate WordPress jobs board with detailed listings, expert profiles, ratings and more.

Stop spam blogs on WordPress Multisite and BuddyPress without shutting down signups.

Create custom post types, taxonomies and fields with ease.

A fully-functional dashboard reading experience and author following for Multisite.

Support System
Set up an awesome support ticket system on any WordPress site, complete with FAQ.

Slide In
Marketing that grabs your visitors’ attention and converts them to your product or service.

In Post Ads
Display ads throughout your site’s posts and customize where and how often they appear.

Automatically post content from RSS feeds to WordPress, Multisite or BuddyPress.

Private Messaging
Private user communication with front end interface and attachment file sharing.

Terms of Service
Display terms of service on the signup form and require new users to agree.

Send professional email newsletters and manage subscribers in WordPress.

Floating Social
Give users a way to quickly share your content with a social share bar that follows as you scroll.

Google Maps
Easily embed, customize and display Google maps in posts, pages and widgets.

Pay Per View
Sell individual articles or media content for a one-time payment or offer a subscription service.

Social Marketing
Quickly build a buzz by sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

Subscribe by Email
Allow readers to be automatically notified when you post new content.

Comments +
Let readers comment on your site using a Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or WordPress account.

Quickly share thoughts, links, images and videos with Facebook style status updates.

MailChimp Integration
Bring simple subscribe forms and automated user syncing to WordPress.

Post Voting Plugin
Gauge content popularity and bring the power of Digg to your site with user voting.

BuddyPress Activity +
Let your users share images, videos and links across your BuddyPress social network.

Comments Control
Eliminate the annoying, ‘You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.’ message.

User Reports
Create reports of all user activity in WordPress or across an entire Multisite or BuddyPress network.

Custom Google Search
Replace the default WordPress search engine with search powered by Google.

Add Existing Users
Quickly bulk add existing users from across an entire network and set user roles.

Batch Create
Create hundreds or thousands of sites and users quickly by simply uploading a csv or xls file.

Pay with a Like
‘Charge’ a social share in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn to see your content.

Recent Custom Posts
Display a list of recent posts from any custom post type on the widget areas of your site.

Multisite Theme Manager
Easily edit, label and manage themes on your Multisite network.

Multisite Sitemaps
Easily generate sitemaps for Multisite after every post.

Pretty Plugins
The pretty way to list, sort, manage and even sell plugins on your multisite network.

Add New Users
Quickly and easily add new users to your WordPress site in bulk.

WordPress User Sync
Sync user accounts and transfer profiles across multiple WordPress installations.

Login Message
Add a custom message, footer and disable password reset on the WordPress login screen.

Global Site Tags
Share a tag cloud of trending topics and popular content from across your entire Multisite network.

Simple Ads
Insert ads before and after posts and pages across an entire network.

Contact Widget
A simple, powerful and easy to use contact form widget to let your visitors easily get in touch.

Signup Code
Build an exclusive network or block fake site and user creation – set a special code to register on your Multisite network.

Global Author Posts Feed
Create a global feed of posts, of any author, across a Multisite network.

Global Author Comments Feed
Provides a global feed of comments from a single author made across multiple sites on your network.

Ad Widget
Simply share ads based on search engine being used, user type and link used to arrive.

Blog & User Creator
Batch create gazillions of blogs and users while setting passwords, urls, titles and more.

Lock Posts
Lock any post across your network from being edited by any user – even administrators.

Moderate posts, comments and blogs across an entire Multisite network.

Recent Global Posts
Display a customizable list of recent posts from across your Multisite network on your site.

Footer Content
Allow administrators to add their own content to the footer of every page on their site.

Recent Global Posts Feed
Display a global feed of the latest posts from all the sites across an entire network.

Remove Email Verification
Get users started immediately by removing the need for email verification at signup.

Recent Global Comments
A global feed of the latest comments from all the sites across your entire network.

Recent Global Posts Widget
Show recent posts from all the sites across an entire network – hugely powerful, massively configurable.

An internal email, messaging and inbox solution for WordPress with integrated external email notifications.

Users Widget
Display a list of random users and their avatars, from across an entire Multisite network.

Let users friend each other and generally get all social without the bulk of BuddyPress.

Admin Panel Tips
Randomly display helpful tips, promotions or news in the dashboard across a network.

Select Language at Signup
Give new users the ability to select which language to use at signup.

Let your users become your sales team by receiving payment for referrals that convert.

Multisite Privacy
Add four more levels of privacy that you control across every sites on an entire network – or allow users to override them.

Schedule Selected Content
Make any content available only at scheduled periods using an awesome WYSIWYG button.

Create and display post and comment activity reports – per site or user.

Default Theme
Allows you to easily select a new default theme for new blogs.

Ad Sharing
Split and share advertising revenue with your Multisite network users using any combination of advertisers.

Login Redirect
Send users to a custom page, post or url after logging into WordPress.

Logout Redirect
Choose which URL users are directed to when logging out of WordPress.

Post Indexer
Supercharge how content is shared and managed across your network.

Recent Comments
Display a list of recent comments from across your entire network on your front page.

Set Password
Give users the option of choosing their password at signup.

Content Monitor
Monitor your entire network for set words you define and get an email whenever they are used.

BuddyPress Group Calendar
Maintain, update and share upcoming group events with brilliant calendar functionality.

BuddyPress Group Email
Give BuddyPress group admins or moderators a simple way to send emails to all the members in a group.

BuddyPress Hide Widgets
Set specific BuddyPress widgets to be available for use only on your network’s main site.

Dashboard Widget Order
Easily customize the order dashboard widgets display for users across Multisite.

Set Blog Description
Let users set a custom tagline when creating a new site on a Multisite network.

Dashboard Feeds
Replace the WordPress news feeds in the dashboard with custom content relevant for your users.

Comment Form Text
Add a custom message or call-to-action to the comments form on every site in your network.

Control both site and user avatars on your WordPress Multisite network.

Give your users a way to invite their friends and colleagues to check out their blog and sign up for your network.

Mass Email Sender
Send emails to every user on a Multisite network and allow users to opt in and out.

Admin Ads
Display an ad in the dashboard of all the sites across an entire network.

Password Protect
Hide content in any post or page behind a password, without a complex membership system.

Blog Activity
See blog updates, posts and comments for your entire network at a glance.

and more..